Thursday, July 29, 2010

Damn: No Shame in the Streetwear Game These Days


Above is the knock off, out right bite of an otherwise great concept piece by TITS brand... Slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite clothing lines. Their work is super clean, and emcompasses one of my 3 favorite things in this world... TITS. (If you're wondering, my 2 other favorite things in this world are ME and ASSES.)

And the original piece by TITS...


Some cats are just shameless when it comes to taking someone's ideas and making them their own. If you want to blatantly jack someone's ideas, at least credit the source... Thats all I'm sayin...

Check out TITS by clickin the red and support a solid line.



Tripp said...

Fuck TIts, their brand is whack. Right up there with True Love false idols. I don't consider them original or talented at all. You cant just take a pic or better yet STEAL a pic, photoshop it into vector format, and print it on a shirt. Cool name too Two in the shirt? Like really? Your name is Tits, you don't need to reiterate what two things are in your shirt. Nothing about that brand is original. Just a GREAT marketing team. Not to mention the douche bags that wear their shit. to each their own and all but they sadly make me shake my head.

Anonymous said...

how do you credit a source on a tshirt anyway? like on the sleeve or inside tag? and what would it say exactly "original design inspired by TITS clothing" ? ... nah I just can't see anyone wanting to rock something like that on their gear. I think clothing designers should just stick to being original and if they have to borrow someone else's concept than do enough work to make it original as well i.e take it to some next level shit!