Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real Nigga to Real Nigga

"Don't be affraid to grab a titty, slap a ass cheek, whateva.. just do what you feel"

Whew, this might be the best video I've come across in a minute. Big ups to IP for posting it a couple weeks back...

Yeah, it's close to 7 minutes long, but worth every second. If you dont feel like watching 7 minutes of this hood ass cat speakin on these hoes, just jump to about the 3:30 mark and listen until about 4:30, if that doesn't inspire you to watch the whole video, check your pulse nukkuh, cause you dead..

Step yo pimp game up!!

-Ollie da Don

Monday, June 21, 2010

This Baby Gets It

Big ups to my mellow my man Brock Hardon from Us Versus Them for finding this gem. I couldn't stop myself from posting it. I try really hard to come with original, fresh material, but when someone gets the scoop on you, you just gotta swallow your pride, give em the credit, and acknowledge the fact that you had no option but to bite. On a quick, semi-related note, I feel like that entire last sentence deserved a "no homo" after each comma... HAAAA.

Good work homie, maybe now I can get back into the blogroll? ha.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Stop the Presses: The Lakers Won

And I really couldn't give a fuck less. Let the bandwagon riding commence. It's the same shit show every year, I know there are plenty of true, legit laker's fans out there but if I have to see one more FB update about how great "your" Lakers are, I'm gonna shit blood. This front running business has got to stop. This is the exact same thing that happened last year with the Yankees. Now the hooplah and suspense and drama begins, is Phil (Jackson) coming back? Can the Lakers 3peat? Is Kobe as good as Jordan? the answers... Probably, NO, and NO. I'm puttin' my stamp on it right now, June 18, 2010, the day after the Lakers won the NBA championship and saying very clearly that they will not win the title again next year. With, or without Phil Jackson returning as head coach.

Ron Artest is the coolest fuckin guy ever. Straight up thanked his psychiatrist for helping him calm down. You know a muhfucka's wild when his therapist is on the checklist of "who I need to thank". Keep it hood Ron, and get back to focusing on sets you apart from everyone else, your rap career. HAAAAAAA. This guy is legitimately insane and I love it. Matter of fact, let's run that shit:

Get em RoRo.

Is it just me or does Pau Gasol have the worst beard in the game right now?



The Lake show can bring back the entire team they had this year, and it won't matter, they aren't 3peating. It just isn't gonna happen. Lebron is too hungry. It's his turn to man the fuck up and get his jewelry going before he becomes a Karl Malone shadow. Just sayin...

And while were discussing sports, I'd like to just say a couple words to my cubbies:

"GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER". 6 games under .500? C'mon now boys, get it together. I don't want to burn another hat on the altar of sacrifice but if it gets much worse, I will be having a bond fire, believe that.

I'm out.

Fuck the Lakers. And the Celtics too. Rajon Rondo looks like Bow Wow's stunt double, but softer. These fools are all bitch made.

-H-ollie-r than thou.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just For The Record:

Yes, Ollie da Don is still here.

I still hate just about everything. I still think im better than just about everyone. I still have no shame. I still love me a thick chick. I still prefer my beef medium rare. I still got no love for them hoes. I still see everything in terms of black and white. I still have an overwhelming sense of self worth. I still take pictures. I still got restless leg syndrome. Your girl still wants me. and I still got love for the streets. It's the Oll-I-E. (Think still D.R.E.)

The fact of the matter is simple, I haven't been posting new stuff on the blog lately, after the untimely passing of my dear cousin Derrick Alan Shaw, so I didn't have it in me to post anything on top of the Eulogy that I wrote for him. I gave it well over a month as the top priority on this blog, but, for the sake of the peoples, and for my personal well being, it is now time to get back on my bloggin' shit. I know the people miss me.

Orders of business (Tasks to be completed within the next 2 weeks):

Take over the world.

Prove why Makeshift, along with Piff C. Herrera are better than your favorite local emcees.

Bring back the spark that had the internet a buzz when this blog was at it's peak, and continue on with the next installments of the female guide to dating.

Get the hate out of my heart and let go of the hostility towards certain individuals.

Finish some paintings and post them here for sale.

Get back to being that characture of myself that we so fondly know and love as Oliver Wrist, the internet's most lovable Asshole.

I will be back Monday, all new fresh material so be ready to have your faces melted off when you read what's in the works.

August is gonna be a big month for your boy Ollie as I plan to hit Vegas, and AGENDA trade show in a matter of 2 weeks, not to mention my birthday falls in there as well.

I'm half ass back... but it ain't a wrap, so don't count me out just yet.

Thanks to the few that stuck around and shot emails and were encouraging me to get back on my grizzly. Its back on and poppin now.

Big shout to my man T from New Era (read: baseball caps), and the launch of his new line Tripp Apparel. He's making some moves, and shakin up the scene a bit, wishin him tons of luck and I'll be back Monday with a full write-up along with photos and commentary on Tripp Apparel.

If you have something you would like my opinion about, please feel free to drop me a line on my gmail at nickelplatedbama@gmail.com.

In the mean time, keep it movin folks.