Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thoughts and a New Shitlist

Fuck, it's been a minute since I've cracked away on the ol' keyboard. What can I say? I've been bored, Hip Hop is of no interest to me, and that's supposed to be the life-blood of this blog. Fuggit, were switchin' it up for a minute...

It's been 12 years in the making, but I finally got the english bulldog I've always wanted. His name: Lord Sebastian Von Eldrich, Duke of Le Cross. Call him what you want, just don't call him late for dinner...

The Shitlist revisited:

1. Stepping in dog shit barefooted in the middle of the night, and having to wash that foot off in cold water cause you don't want to wait for the water to heat up, as you were obviously sleeping, and wish more than anything to get back to sleep.

2. The last 3 Jay-Z albums. I was, at one point, one of the biggest Jay stans around, Smalls took over that title, and he can try all he wants but he will not sway me on this position.

3. New jack bloggers, biting other people's shit.

4. Unemployment, shit was fun for like, 2 weeks, now I need federals to do things, such as feed the Lord...

5. Debt/Bein broke. Some people love the life of being a mooch, I personally can't fuckin stand it and it hurts my soul to ask to borrow money.

6. Selling the Jeep. Personal friends are the only ones who get this. I won't elaborate anymore, just suffice it to say that the jeep is on the chopping block after 10 long years of blood, sweat, and tears.

7. Ex girlfriends and their punk ass boyfriends. You know where to find me, cowards, and if you don't, just ask.

8. People suggesting what I should write about, if I wanted to write about "your" idea, I would have already done so. Please, by all means, start a blog and write your feelings down, I'm sure 3 people would love to read it..

9. Pandora.com not getting the hint when I press the "dont like" button.

10. Holiday music.

11. Walking into a store that is ALREADY playing Jingle Bells, I swear to god if I worked retail I would kill someone after about 3 hours of that christmas music loop.

12. Festive people. Fuckin die. Halloween is the only holiday worth celebrating, otherwise, just give me gifts and STFU.

13. Text wars. More importantly, having day long conversations/arguements of no consequence whatsoever.

14. Annonymous hatred in the comments section. Blow me. Cowards.

15. No health insurance.

16. 90% of the world.

17. Justin Bieber. Limit 1 per customer on his doll. Get the FUCK OUTTA HERE.

18. That annoying little fucker "Fred" from youtube having his own doll at toys R us.

19. Falling on my skateboard on a busy street and crushing my elbow at 27 years old.

20. Being held accountable for any action I choose to make. No, I am now, what i was 3 years ago, and have no plans of changing that.

That oughta hold you over for the day.

Ollie loves you. Bitch.

P.S. I still fuckin hate Joe Rogan more than most other humans... more on that later.

P.S.S. I can't believe I didn't watch the first season of Jersey Shore. God those guys are disturbingly entertaining.

-Ollie da G.O.D.


Anonymous said...

You bugging, HOV is still King and hip-hop is way more exciting than kill myself, all black, skinny jeans, tank-top emo metal. Chuuurch!!

Anonymous said...

I gotta add one...

Savemart check ladies asking if i want to give a donation. WTF?! Bitch, you wanna give a donation to me??

Jonny D said...

Man you didn't watch season one of JS? You're just like Royal. Dude didn't know hat he was missing.