Friday, July 17, 2009

It is official, your mother's least favorite blog is now a dot com.

We have arrived.

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been more than a hectic week. Just trust in your boy, shit will be back and badder than ever come monday.

In the meantime, change all your favorites, change the links in your blogrolls, cause this shit is only getting bigger from here.

I hadn't mentioned yet, I will be back at AGENDA next week for round 2 with the streetwear fags.

Makeshift is performing at the JSLV party, and in case you were wondering, YES, he still is the hottest dude doin it right now (no homo).

You already know what it is, but Imma tell you one mo' time again... you filthy animals.

-Ollie "the animal" Steele


JMACK said...

nice, that .blogspot url is a killer

Oliver said...

you aint lyin bud. I'm glad to have joined the ranks of the real bloggers of the world.

Royal said...

Welcome to the club homie.

JMACK said...

I've been addicted to the makeshift mixtape since you linked to the DL... only 1 or two songs that aren't FIRE...

Where is dude from in the Diego? Def the type of cat I'd like to meet and pick the brain of

Oliver said...

@Jmack 619??

I'm not familiar with the SD area too much, but he is a life long resident.

Did you catch the interview I did with him for curiculum mag a few weeks back?

Copy and paste that to your browser dude.

JMACK said...

yup, i caught the interview, that's what made me go back & DL the mixtape- QUALITY.

Yeah Diego is the big 619... that's why i was hoping homey was still small-time enough to meet