Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clipse - Popular Demand

Mother of christ this shit knocks...

Sorry, had to go back and listen again. and again. and again.

Do yourself a favor and cop this album "Til the Casket Drops" on Dec. 8th, but before you do that, go over to The Anatomy Magazine blog and sign up for the free digital magazine set to release in January. BUT, if you sign up now, you can get the first issue in December with Malice and Pusha T (collectively known as The Clipse) on the cover.

Let me just take a quick second to reiterate this... My mellow, my man, CBrett is about to be at the helm of one of the better urban fashion/music/culture magazines that the internet has ever seen. Cover story of the first issue is The Clipse? You kiddin me right now? BIG UPS and 1 brazillion props to Cliff and his crew for putting together what I am sure will be one of the best mags around. I mean, no shots or nothin, but Cliff, you're slippin not havin young Ollie's column in that piece.. HAHA. All in due time..

Oh and did I mention it is free to sign up?

The Anatomy Magazine.

Don't say I never gave you nothin.


Oh yeah, shout out to Mr. Makeshift who is set to be featured in the first issue as well...


-Ollie da Don


JMACK said...

shit is seeeeeeeeeerious

thx for the hookup O'dog

maybe after creating and (coming soon suckas)i'll help them out with a website too :-)

Ominous Red said...


Ominous Red said...

Cam always says some crazy ass shit. Coat like catapillar, my coat butter fly. Always been on my my fav artists.