Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brady Bunch Boyz

So the other night I was havin some drinks with my brother and the snowmaster (ha) downtown in this fair city of ours. After 5 or 6 pints me and Smalls decided to bail. On the way home, i look across the street and see a group of youngin's jerkin it somethin fierce. So, you know me, I stepped to em, and we had a little photo shoot...


Peace to my dude holdin up the wall, that's my shit right there!


For real tho, and I ain't bullshittin, homie on his toes held that pose for like 12 seconds. no joke.

I told em let me get a group shot and they said "blow up". I didn't get it, but then they all threw up their crew sign and bam...


The wild shit is, they told me their crew name and I forgot it til like 3 hours ago. I searched for these kids on youtube and whattayaknow? They got a video up from the same night I caught em jerkin at the convention center.

Now, I'm no master of jerkin myself, nor do I know what qualifies a person as good, bad or indifferent, but i do know these little knuckleheads got some game.

Told ya'll I'd put you up. Sorry it took so long. Stay trilllllll.

-Ollie the Jerk

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Jonny D said...

Looks like me and Drama on halloween.