Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yankees Win!!!


Big fuckin deal. Let the bandwagon riding "I've always been a fan" bitchassness begin. Seriously, how are the Yankees not gonna win? Wasn't like 75% of their roster on the AL all-star team this year? The fuck outta here dude. It was set in stone. I don't like to buy into baseball conspiracy (it's too great of a game), but the Yankees win the World Series, at home in the NEW 80 bazillion dollar replica of former Yankee stadium, first year it's operational? Seems fishy. Farildo. Yankees had this shit wrapped up in Philly more than once, but dump the game(s) to take it home, stretch the series for them commercial dollars, and lock it in AT HOME.

Think about it. How much loot is lost when a series is a 4 game sweep? That air time during the world series doesn't come cheap, and Fox knows this. Especially when you got 2 East Coast teams dueling for the championship. So when the series goes 6, Fox is cleaning up.

For the record, I watched a total of 35 minutes of playoff/world series baseball this year. As soon as the Cubbies mailed it in right around August, baseball lost it's flavor with the quickness. I mean, seriously, all this means to me is that I have to burn yet another cubbies hat and add another year to the neverending story that is "the lovable losers from Chi-town".

Just cause it makes me laugh, I'm gonna run this joint again...


I will not front on A-Rod's ability to change a game with the glove OR the bat at any given time, but my man really needs to tighten up that belt and quit exhibiting so many feminine qualities.

Highlights in your wig piece? Check.

Eyes closed in extasy while a grown ass Asian DUDE is caressing your bare chest? CHIZECK!

Why does this photo exist? I mean really, in what situation did A-Rod's manager/agent/wife/someone who cares allow this to happen? Why is this acceptable behavior? And more importantly, why is this the only photo from the photoshoot? What happened to the rest of the series? What lines were crossed?

Nevermind. Don't answer that.



El Capitán said...

I have always been a Yankees fan first... I lived in NYC right around the age where a fav team actually sticks (I'm still faithful to my Tampa Buccaneers... fml)

anywho... I have always been a firm believer of throwing a game (or 2) away to win a championship at home... Who would wanna win it on the road and celebrate with no one? This is why ALL sports should play championships at a neutral site! BFE Nebraska should just have a HUGE sports campus for such occasions.

Besides all that...

You can bet that when the Cubs do make the world series, I will be in Wrigleyville every night in hopes of a win!!! Fucking riots and shit all over the place! Flipping a car is def on my bucket list!

I'm out

Kristen said...

Just solidifying my point that football is better than baseball. One game, one night, neutral playing field, everyone goes balls out for 60 minutes of hard-nose, smash-mouth football, after the game you name an MVP who can speak English, have an owner who actually shows up to accept the trophy, everyone goes to Disneyland and then flies to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. (What the hell is the point of having an All Star game in the middle of the damn season? How are you going to determine the best of the best before you see how they perform in the postseason?)

oliver wrist said...

@El Cap, i'm comin out to stay with you next season at some point, hopefully it's during the series, but i'll settle for seeing the bricks again. Trust me buddy, I feel your pain about favorite teams. Been a Chargers fan since like age 9, and a Cubbies fan since I could understand the game of baseball. If either of these teams wins a title in my lifetime, it will outshine my marriage, birth of my children, etc. (assuming i convince some sucker to let me create a spawn of me inside her precious womb HA).

No. We have discussed this recently. Determining a winner with one single game played is a hard way to decipher the best team. I mean, the Raiders beat the Eagles 2 weeks back, then the Eagles bounce back and DESTROY the Giants the following week. If you play a best of 7 series, you gotta be the best team 4 times, not just on a fluke one day.