Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just a Quick Heads Up:

This blog is still the greatest blog on the planet.

Oliver Wrist is still your favorite asshole.

My game is still tighter than yours.

My life is still better than yours.

Your mother still loves me more than you, and so does your girl.

I still have overly opinionated witty banter to spew at you insignificant fucks, I just haven't had the time or patience, OR desire for that matter, to do so.

I will be back with a vengeance starting next Monday, April 19, 2010. Mark that shit on your calendars.

Oh yeah, if you did me wrong in any way in the last, i dunno, sayyyyyyy 6-8 months, watch the fuck out, cause you will be getting blasted by name until such time as I feel that you have repayed your debt to society (or in this case, ME).

Oliver loves you, except for you, you, you, and you. YOU know who you are, you simple minded fucks.

All the love,

-Olls the menace


Anonymous said...

i come to this blog to read funny posts but this one was kinda sad , seemed like your just trying to convince yourself that you really are happy .. not a good look for you

oliver wrist said...

thank you for your assessment anonymous.

Anonymous said...

you think you're so hard dude. you got arrested, went to jail, all because you asked a cop for a ride home. you're not whitty 90 percent of the shit you say is how you WISH you were. you should let go of the past, grow the fuck up, and show the people who "wronged" you that they made a mistake, not prove to them you're an insecure immature little shit.

oliver wrist said...

apparently anonymous is one of them. before you decide to attack and try to call me out, why dont you wait to see what is even said, and if YOU even made the cut as someone who would be getting "called out". in all honesty, alot has changed in the last 3 days with the loss of a very close family member, so my hateful upcoming posts will be postponed.

JMACK said...

it's the 20th... whereyouatson?