Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Makeshift Leak: NPB Exclusive

Been slackin on that j.o. last few days. Shoulda never left you, but I'm here, and I come bearing gifts.

Talkin to the homie Shift this morning and he blessed me with a new joint.

"You be puffin Stress"...

According to my dude, the BAMA is the first blog to get this up, so enjoy.

And because I'm such a good cat, here's a link to download the track and have it for your ipod. I know, I know, I'm too good to the streets.

Download Here


Brandon Maxwell said...

Sup mang? How you doin? It's Brandon fom the polarbearclub show. How's life? Love the blog.

oliver wrist said...

Whats up Brandon? thanks for gettin in touch dude. things are good, got rough in the streets after the show for a bit, vodka tonics were causing some involuntary verbal assualts on unsuspecting victims, otherwise, got how safe. HAHA.