Friday, August 14, 2009

Do the World a Favor...

... and stop TyPiNg LiKe ThIs. iT iS tHe MoSt AnNoYiNg ThInG oN tHe PlAnEt aNd MaKeS YoU lOoK LiKe a DaMn FoOl.

I always wonder, because the above sentence took me literally a full minute to type, why would ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND go thru the hassle of typing out each letter to create that childlike imagery?

Is there some sort of program out there that automatically generates this type of bufoonery, or do you people literally sit there and press the shift button every other letter?


You belong on the:


I hate you.

-Ollie the Awful


Randi said...

The worst is when it's a dude using sTiCkY cApS!!

Randi said...

P.S. One of your facebook friends does this.. I'd recommend viewing our mutual friends to find out who it is, but this person deleted me soon after my latest wall post :)