Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Major Lazer = Pure Savage

If you skipped over that just to get my commentary, go back. You need to watch. There is nothing I can say to explain the magic in this video. Seriously. What the hell was the point?

I'll tell you this, those girls are walkin a very fine line between thick and fat. I definitely wouldn't kick any of 'em outta bed, but I'll be damned if I ever let a chicken jump on my shit like that. Man, that shit was off the hook slice!!!



Jonny D said...

This is exactly how the pitch meeting for this video went...

"Hey here's a good idea. Lets put on some skinny jeans, drop acid, then dry hump the shit out of some thick ass women..."

Why did you make me watch that...better question, why am I going to watch it again?

JMACK said...

drugs, sex, not a hint ant anything meaningful. hot beat. the perfect music video

Drama said...

dance, too much booty in the pants