Friday, September 26, 2008

Australia's got their game tight

I stumbled onto this t.v. show last night after "The Office" was over. I'm sure that i'm late on this, but give me a break, i started this blog less than 24 hours ago. Anywho, the show is called "Manswers". The basic idea is debunking myths, giving random facts that only nerdy warcraft geeks and level 64 warlocks could possibly care about (one of the answers is "the most common way to die having sex", listen zelda, you're gonna actually have to crawl out of your dungeon and slay that dragon (see: social anxiety) to ever get laid anyways), so why would you care enough to tune in and keep this bullshit on the G4 network. The host is Gawd awful and says ridiculous shit like "bodacious bazonkas" when referin to a ho's chest piece. Get the fuck outta here with that ish. The show is a general wasting of 30 minutes of my valuable t.v. watching time.

They did break off this little morsel of goodness though...

The Royal Australian Navy breaks off every new female recruit with a brand new set of "bodacious bazonkas".
Yeah, thats right, fake chest plates for every new female that joins the Navy.
Why? you might ask.. well according to "The London Telegraph", a print newspaper, The new chest piece inspires confidence, which in turn creates a better soldier. I LOVE IT!!!
America is full on slackin' in their mackin'. Although i'm not the biggest fan of silicone enhanced chesticles, given the bully ass bitches that join our military stateside, this could definitely be a good look, maybe give em some inspiration to get that grill dialed in, cause you know the army's got them thighs and backyards fitted up.

Jus thinkin outloud

- Oliver Wrist

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