Friday, September 26, 2008

USC Vs. Oregon State: spoiler alert, USC no longer #1

BWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Just as soon as i start to believe USC really is the best team in the country they run right out the next week and show everyone why not only is the PAC-10 just as weak as the BIG-10, but why the SEC is clearly without question the BCS powerhouse it has and always will be.
So pete, your'e a 25 point favorite over the weaker of the oregon teams (state) but somehow you guys run out there on the field and completely shit the bed, how do you feel???

That look on his face is priceless.

Now my only question is what the hell will happen to the rankings?... Ohio State playing weak ass non-conference football after not even showing up for the USC game, USC losing to a pac-10 (non)rival, and Alabama vs. Georgia is gonna leave one of those teams lookin stupid. Imma go with my cutty Shiest on this one and watch 'bama put it down, and not because they are a namesake..

P.S. Pete Carroll damn homey, in 06 you was the man homey, Fuck happened to you??...

- Oliver Wrister, the sinister mister...

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