Friday, September 26, 2008

i told ya'll ta quit fukkin wit' me!

BWWWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "Yo son peep your little videos, blah blah" Smack! Homie straight stole on dood. too funny. peep the way dude that made the video breaks it down. Homeboy's corny ass fedora (see: hat) goes sailin', the shades are M.I.A. and neck just flat out yells "WHIPLASH". oh my god. i could watch this shit daily. On some real shit dood, the name of the show is "From G's to Gent's" being as how only one person can win the show, doesnt that mean the rest of you bums are still supposed to be G's?? E6 gets flatlined by little ass Kesan??? Kesan, you mean the same little ass dude that took off runnin down the street cryin cause "he couldnt be held responsible for what he does to these cats"?? AAHHHNNNNNTTTT (sound of the buzzer on jeopardy) E6 lost every bit of street cred he may have had, i mean farildo homie, this shit got like a million hits on youtube the day it happened, you really gonna let it slide and think that peeps are gonna forget about it? eh-uh, aint hattnin. try again when you ditch them beat ass corn rolls, naddagoodlook ya dig??

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