Tuesday, September 30, 2008

inspiration comes from the most random places

Over the weekend, i heard that one of the homies, who shall remain nameless, got tasered up by the piggies, and since i dont have actual video footage of said homies misfortune, i went lookin on youtube and found these gems... enjoy, and be sure to have your volume up when watching...

At first it sounds like she is laughing at the cops then it turns into a muffled whine then a full on snivel "what did i did?? what did i did??" HAHAHA. then the cop comes in from stage left and yells out "taser taser taser deploy" and the other cop jumps back to avoid gettin 20,000 volts. OH MAH GAWD, this is too awesome. She turns stiff as a board and then pretends to be dead "christie, i can hear you breathing". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Then there's this guy, who apparently was tryin to bail on that show "to catch a predator"...

Those screams are shear horror, then he runs away!!!!

One more, this is funny mostly because the heavy set blond officer eats shit when shes tryin to run up on homeboy, and the fool is just bugged out on pcp or suntin.

I've decided that tasing someone is one of the funniest things you can catch on tape and i plan on posting a weekly or bi-weekly taser video.


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