Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Sports Wrap-up:

College football was generally uninteresting for me this weekend. Alabama beat Georgia for a pretty big upset (however it was predicted right here on this site on friday, check the books suckas). Fresno State won at the Rose Bowl, against a weak ass UCLA team, but a win is a win, especially over a pac-10 opponent on the road. Ya gots tah respek (ALI G voice) Fresno State's ability to always compete.

In baseball news, CUBS are still runnin shit, Brewers make the playoffs for the first time since like '82, Phillies locked up the East, and nothin new out WEST as the Dodgers have had that locked up since early September. The National League playoffs are going to be somethin to see. my predictions...
Cubs beat the Dodgers in 4.
Phillies beat the Brewers in 5.
Cubs beat the Phillies in 7.

Newsflash: San Diego Chargers are a second half team, and lets just say they came out of the tunnel revived and ready to put the smack down (see: The Rock) on the Raiders candy asses. Rivers gift wraps a couple of interceptions, and puts one on the floor, no surprise the raiders had 15 in the first half. When play resumed in the second half, the mighty bolts came out lookin like the well oiled machine they are supposed to be. ALL YOU IDIOTS who dumped off L.T. in your fantasy leagues when he hurt his toe, look out, my dude doesnt take kindly to that shit and its about to get real shitty on opposing defenses. L.T. comin out like sho'nuff in "The Last Dragon"...
I'd say the photo speaks for itself.

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