Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jenny Chu: bad bitch of the day

in all seriousness, i gotsta be at least 2 years late on this bird, but on the reals, she is realll nice. i first spotted her in the video for "Rubberband Banks" by young DRO, who, by the way is an ice cold pimp (see: neon gators in every video). Gotta give it up to mah girl here.
To quote my man david krumholtz in Harold and Kumar go to white castle "... Are you kidding me, I got the YELLOW PLAGUE!!"
And a backshot just for good measure:

Obviously this bbotd (see: bad bitch of the day) is workin with some backyard too. Surely a rare thing in the asian community. keep it funky and stay tuned for updates on this and other new improved versions of this surefire staple category of npb (see: nickelplatedbama).
regards- Oliver Wrist

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