Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Net Lag

Started back at the old job today. Lots of stuff to write about, but very little blogging time. Going to have to make it all up this weekend.

This day has sucked something serious.

Computer tech guy in the office at MY DESK all day setting up the network system and all of that bullshit for work I won't be doing. Oh well. I have literally done nothing today. Checked my email a few times and took a long lunch.

Answers for Wednesday's "Guess That Rack" are as follows.

#1 Keeley Hazel

#2 Holly Weber

#3 Scarlett Johansson

#4 Danielle Lloyd

#5 is slipping my mind. HAHA. It's the bad chick from the new Star Trek movie set to release later this month. Daria something.

Oh well. I am a slacker. I am a terrible host and even worse blogger.

I'll put the pictures up along with links to all the nudies of all these birds when I get home to the trusty laptop.

My guess is that I will be doing all my writing in the evening now and posting first thing in the morning for the avid readers.

I will be back.

I did purchase the domain name for and the new site should be fully operational in the next 10 days or so depending on my work ethic.


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