Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Back:

I had a realllllly long weekend up in the sticks.

I know I haven't updated in like 5 days. Like I said, I was in the sticks with limited internet and to be perfectly honest, i needed the time away.

I fished every day and finally got that skunk monkey off of my back. A couple fun little bass got reeled in then released cause I'm a good person like that (FUCK PETA).

I got some good stuff to post on this week, so be patient and like Alcoholics Anonymous "keep coming back".

In hip hop news, Makeshift has officially wrapped on the No Doze mixtape but for some reason hasn't got the links over to me for the download (yeah, if you read this Shift, I'm talkin to you player.) HAHA.

I've been in contact with my old homie Pete Nelson. First person to tell me how the world should/would know Pete in the comments section, gets something real special from this site.