Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes, I Do Realize The Blog Sucks Lately

Look, the sad truth of the matter is that I haven't really been putting in much of an effort to bring the people the heat they are used to from this blog.

I don't have an excuse, all I can say is, I'm lazy and haven't cared much.

On the other hand, I have been trying to build the new site, create a new layout, get everything set up to move over to wordpress for hosting and redirecting the URL so the readers can just type rather than or

I am working hard, but hardly working all at the same time.

Some good news though:

I got word from Makeshift today that the "No Doze" mixtape should be in mp3 format by the weekend, meaning it will be available for download through this site sometime next week (fingers crossed).

And just because you people have been so loyal, here is a video of pregnant teenagers dancing...

Fucking white people...

Shout to Ignored Prayers for being one of the best blogs on the net.



Jonny D said...

I was going to post this video a few days ago but didn't due to it being 1. Effin retarded and 2. Gross...You have no shame ollie.

Oliver said...

"you have no shame ollie"

that my friend is the truest statement you have ever made.