Thursday, May 21, 2009

Throwback Thursday: The Way Of The Gun

This movie is in my top 5 most bad ass flicks of all time. It is this movie and this movie alone that has given Ryan Phillippe a lifetime pass on any and everything he ever does. EVER. This guy could open mouth kiss Adam Lambert (American Idol) on live television and I would never question his absolute sheer fucking manliness.

This is the trailer for the movie to give you an idea of the basic synopsis...

Got your attention? Well, if I didn't, SERIOUSLY DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CLICK HERE

The reason you have to click rather than being able to watch it right here is because EVERY COPY on youtube has had the embedding disabled. What a bunch of GEE AYE WHY cat ass bullshit.

That is without a doubt one of the best scenes from any movie at any point in time in the history of the world. And, just for the record, that is THE OPENING SCENE IN THE MOVIE!!

I love that he just decides to beat the shit out of Sarah Silverman and accept the ass whoopin he's got coming.

Benicio is pretty awesome too:

LOL. This is a true gem, cult classic. Right up there with Usual Suspects and The Boondock Saints.

-For the record I'll call myself Mr. Wrist

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