Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whooty Who? Laura Dore is a Worker

I know what you're thinking, who? Let me learn ya...


BAM! She is showin it all right out the gate. You see that thin waste that Bruce Leroy jump kicks right into that unreal hip game. I mean god damn, whats that ratio? 24/36? Whew.

Thats a good start, but we need to take a peak at that backyard to see where she makes the money...


And there it is! Holy mother of all things holy, my girl is a hard, HARD worker.

Now that we've established homegirl's credentials, lets just jump head first into the rest of the gratuitous extra curiculur multi-angle photos...


That stomach is just... whew. Yeah, thats the word.


Great arch... but is there more??


That is without a doubt my favorite. I can't explain why, but the glasses are doin it for me. GOOD LAWD.


And one more for good measure...


I see you girl and I'm lovin' that "over the shoulder, peepin my own tail cause it's so crazy" gaze you're throwin at me.

And you know with a name like Laura Dore, you can run with the whole "white girl with a booty" idea.

The airbrushers did my girl some serious justice, but until I see proof otherwise, I am going to assume that she is ab-so-fuckin-lutely flawless.

-Uncle Ollie

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