Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Interview With Makeshift by Yours Truly!

Yep, you read that title correct.

Oliver Wrist Interviews Makeshift.

Click the link. Support your favorite blogger and his favorite rapper!!

The original interview was prolly closer to like 25 pages and read more like a conversation amongst friends than an actual interview so it got cut down to size.

Peace to (in no particular order):

Dustin Noden, the photos and layout are ill player!

Makeshift. Your talent is unmatched right now homeboy. Go download the "No Doze mixtape" RIGHT NOW. CLICK HERE to download.

Curiculum Magazine Thanks for hosting the interview!

Sk8mafia Fam. What you got on my skateboard?

Crem De La Crem. Peep the line. Buy some gear.

Piff (California) Herrera. Realer than real.

And most importantly, shouts to TBC for being the inspiration behind me and keeping it funky when I get out of line. LOVE.


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