Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Last friday I was sittin' at the office staring out the window when I spotted this:


Let's zoom in for a closer look:


In honor of Reez at I asked myself "Dead or Asleep". In fact, I sent the photos over to Reez to be featured on the site but he didn't post 'em or get back to me so, snooze ya lose, now I'm gonna throw em up here. I digress...

Apparently, the fire department and some concerned citizens decided to ask themselves the same question as they approached homegirl to find out if she was still alive...


After approx. 10 minutes of kicking and nudging her, they finally got some signs of life as ol' girl stirred herself:


The firemen left:


So she went back to sleep:


Classic. I love my job for reasons like this. Working downtown I get to see all kinds of wild ass people doing wild ass shit in the streets.



Royal said...

shoulda slapped a bama sticker on her ass.

oliver wrist said...

that would have been epic. unfortunately i wasnt in street atire, i was wearing a tie. for some reason i assume there are rules when you're wearing a tie.

twiturtitsoff said...


JMACK said...

awesome, waiting for my stixrz...

ps, love that the word verification for me is "sisifai"

Oliver said...


did you send me a messsage with your contact info?

If not, shoot me an email to with your address and I'll send em out no worries.

JMACK said...


Drama said...

lol I just checked to see if I had a sticker on the laptop, we're good