Thursday, June 4, 2009

Question: Is Jessica Biel Losing the Tail??

So I'm making my normal rounds on the web, checking out random celebrity gossip sites when I stumble onto these photos of long time favorite Jessica Biel outside the studios of "The Late Show" or some shit:




What the fuck happened Jessica? I mean seriously, just last year you looked like this:



I am gonna go with bad wardrobe decision on this one, but a memo to J Beezy, homegirl, you better double up on the squats/lunges/thrusts. Just last year you were in the running for baddest white chick in the game and now you're rockin the square tail, pancake spongebob special.

I know the boys Brock and Lake from Us Versus Them will be chiming in on this one.

So what do the rest of the 6 readers of this blog think? Is Jessica losing the tail piece?



Kristen said...

On behalf of all the white girls I must say I am saddened by this turn of events. She was our only hope and now look what's happened. *sigh*

Oliver said...

glad to have you back Kristen. The comments section has been reallllllly missing out...

Anonymous said...

She needs to sit on her butt, et oreos, and drink beer for a cuppla years to her her butt big and jiggly.