Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Tournament Is Finally Over:

All congratulations due and payable to my little cousin, "The Bracketologist" for dominating the first annual NickelPlatedBama March Madness Bracket Challenge (it's a working title). What can I say? The kid's got game and handled bitness with several upsets that no one else saw coming. Big ups Kris. Keep it funky. You'll be getting your shirt very soon.

Big ups to Knowledge from the ANATOMY BLOG for holding it down and coming in second, just 30 points behind the winner.

Drama the Koofie Smacker from Code2Ave.com came correct and held down the 3 spot coming in 100 points behind the winner.

I never mentioned whether or not there would be prizes for second and third place.

2nd place will get one week of praise here on the BAMA and will have their blog linked to, no less than 20 times.

3rd place will get a hand written letter that says "better luck next time" (haha) and a handfull of NPB stickers. Drama, hit me an email with your address (nickelplatedbama@gmail.com).

Thank you everyone who participated.


UVTblog.com (US versus Them)



B the Heat Spitta

To those who were out of the tournament before the elite 8 (like myself) better luck next year.

Maybe now I can finally stop losing so much money betting against North Carolina.

While I'm at it I would like to address the absolutely AWFUL play on both sides of the ball by Michigan State.

I just want to point out a few key points that basically ensured UNC's domination over Michigan State.

1. Michigan State had more turnovers than field goals made.

2. When a team is down 20+ points, one would imagine the sense of urgency to play defense would kick in sometime before the last 4 minutes left in the game. I was completely blown away at how lazy and inefficient Michigan State played last night.

3. I still hate Tyler Hansbrough more than any other college player in the history of the sport, but, on this site, credit is given when it is due. Psycho T put in work. He flopped/flailed/and morphed his body into ridiculous contortionist positions to make every shot look deserving of sportscenter's top 10 plays, when in reality all he did was make a copule of layups.

4. Michigan State was flat out matched and got outplayed. Congrats to UNC, Ty Lawson in particular. Dude is a beast, and a definite first rounder in this years NBA draft. As for Tyler Hansbrough, he will go down as one of the best NCAA basketball players of all time, unfortuantely for him, he doesn't stand a chance in the NBA. It's just the sad truth of the matter.

The NBA playoffs kick off next week. I got alot of work to do to unfuck myself for all of those bets against UNC.

-Ollie the Defeated

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