Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guess That Rack Pt. 1

This is a new segment I am gonna run. Not sure if it will be weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. but if there is a good response and some participation, then obviously it will be more frequent. The way it will work is simple. I will post cropped photos of some celebrities chest piece and the readers will make guesses in the comments section. I will reveal the faces of the celebrities on the next posting day.

Enough with the explanation, on with the tits!!









Take your best guess and post em in the comments section, don't cheat you worthless bastards.



She Hate Me said...

I know 1 & 3 off the bat.

1 is S.H.

3 is K.K.

I don't know who 2 is, I wanna say S.J., but I think that's wrong.

4 I *think* is J.H. But I could be wrong there, too.

eatmecalifornia.com said...

#1 is Salma, and that's all that matters. Best ever! You couldn't have cropped a screencast of desperado though?

Oliver said...

the titties weren't as big in the desperado days. She had to squeeze out some puppies first.

I guess it was a little unfair because #4 is prolly more of a c/d-lister.

@She Hate Me who is J.H. The only JH I can think of is Jennifer Hudson and I know that's not who you are talking about..


Drama said...

... seriously, how the fuck is anyone supposed to know who you're talkin bout just with 2 letter abbreviations.

great J's though Ollie