Thursday, April 9, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Orange English

These are step by step instructions on how to create/enjoy one of the hood's favorite drinks; Orange English provided by NPB's favorite rapper Makeshift.


Step 1:


"Drink that Old E down to the cone quickfast."


"Like a G..."

Step 2:


"Pour orange juice to the brim (minute maid is the best)."

Step 3:


"Tip that mug upside down to get the butta flow mixture."

Step 4:


"Take it to the dome."

Step 5:



Thanks to Makeshift for puttin me onto this shit.

Personally, I've never consumed Orange English. When I was a younger lad, we used to get down extra thorough with the "Project Punch".

I don't have step by step (picture) instructions, so you'll just have to read a little bit here.

Step 1: Get your "cool" uncle to buy you some boos. You'll need 1 (per person):

40 oz. of King Cobra:


and 1 bottle of Night Train wine:


After that, it's basically the same idea as the Orange English, probably about a 70/30 (beer/wine) mixture.

***Side note***

Night Train wine is vinted and bottle approx. 100 miles from my home in the lovely town of Modesto, CA by E&J Gallo winery.

Trust in this, Night train is all business when it pulls into the station, and when you mix it with the King Cobra 40 oz, even the most hardened drinkers out there will be feelin' the effects.

If you are unable to locate Night Train at your local liqua sto', you can subtitute with any of the following:



Mad Dog 20/20:


Wild Irish Rose (a little harder to come by):


And for the less rugged drinker (read: bitch ass motherfuckers) you can always go with the old stand by...

St. Ides (special brew):


Enjoy the concoctions of my youth.



Jonny D said...

that sounds like nothing but trouble. What you know about power boones? My roommate talked me into it and it was a PLD (poor life decision)

Drink half of a boones farm maybe a little less, fill it back up with the cheapest vodka you can find, Lose your mind. In that order. said...

Thanks for throwing in the MD 20/20. What about Boone's though?

Also, I have sampled the elixer that is orange E and find it to be for only the most discerning tastes. It's like a 15 year old single malt, except ghetto-er.

Oliver said...

What is with all the boones farms references? I used to get those for the bitches I was tryin to nail. That shit is hellllllllla soft.

On another note, @ Jonny D, I use to drink this shit we called the death mix.

The idea was stolen from Tucker Max.

Essentially you take a fifth of cheap vodka, a 4 pack of 8 oz red bulls, and a large (32 oz i think) fruit punch gatorade. Mix all together with ice in a large thermos and do your best to remember what happened that night.

The mix is pure genius.

booze? check.

energy? check.

hydration? check.

My only problem is that I am off the caffeine so I can't indulge in one of my favorite tailgating beverages.

Jonny D said...

Man boones= hella soft
boones+ pant load of vodka= The drunkest.

give it a try and tell me how fat the chick is you get on.

fukfase said...

you know i gotta post on this topic.

one time i ran out of cut on my vodka drink. i then proceeded to mix my v with red wine.


fukfase said...

by the way, you are right son. lets challenge dshaw and freddy. those fags are pretty good, but we got one thing they dont got - heart.(and we are left handed)

best of 7, 10 bucks a game.


this is so hood.

and i don't even talk like this.