Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dear Hip Hop:



Young Ollie Da Don.

Also, Fuck Tyler Hansborough. He is the most awkward shooter/rebounder/all around basketball player I have ever seen. Look at this FLOP in super slow mo...

HAHAHA. My man Luke didn't come within 6 inches of Psycho-T.

Dude is going to be the biggest BUST since Sean Bradley when he hits the NBA.

While I'm at it, why is Scottie Reynolds (Villanova) spending so much time on the bench?

Big ups to Michigan State shittin on UConn. Your boy Ollie called that one. You're welcome BAMA faithful.


2 comments: said...

mike posner can save hip hop.

Knowledge said...

Hahaha... It's true man, hip hop is on some bullshit... Right now, mainstream hip hop is mostly just a circle jerk of artists who reaffirm each other that the shit they talk about is "original" and that by talking about their chromed out bathtub filled to the brim with Cristal, they are reaching out to their audience by being "accessible."

Of course, this is especially true in this recession doohickey where there are a shortage of necessities like: gold watches, gucci slippers, ferraris, and platinum shit... what platinum shit? Doesn't really matta. Just platinum shit... Oh yeah, and diamonds.

But still, Jim Jones is talkin' about Maseratis (even though he is pretty much irrelevant to hip hop as a whole), Kanye West is still gloatin' about his Louis Vuitton purses that he calls bags, and 50 Cent still has to get his vitamin water money flown from his house to the bank... in his helicopter.

Rappers are so out of touch that even though I would like to be mad at them, I've just accepted the fact that most of these n*ggas is stupid and we prolly can't understand their "rich people" problems, like figuring out how to cut back in order to fuel their planes. Or how they are gonna get that new Rolls-Royce phantom when they already have the Maybach, or how they are gonna have the crazy summer without the drug habit... Because that fucked up Rick James.

So yes, fuck a rapper's swagger... Not saying I wouldn't like the shit they've got, but talk about something else. Not only is it old at this point, but it just shows that at a certain point that rappers are hella out of touch with their fan base. I aint tryna hear about Soulja Boy "turnin his swag on" when people are barely able to keep their lights turned on