Monday, April 20, 2009

Four Twenty: Another Excuse To Do Nothing

For the squares of the world that aren't familiar with the significance of the date 4/20, it's supposedly a reference to the penal code for a smokeout in progress, or what I like to call "Stoner bashin' time".

In reality, it's just another excuse for the potheads of the world to get stewy blazed and loaf around for a while.

As you may have guessed by now, I do not partake in the use of the herbals personally, which prolly comes as a shock to anyone who doesn't know me personally because I am so fitting of the profile. The harsch reality of the situation is simple, I can't smoke. I have a mental block that causes severe heartburn and panic attacks that make me feel like I am having a heart attack.

It's a pretty big deal to most of my homies when I do decide to indulge (which is a very, VERY rare occurence). I mean, people really go all out to get me involved in a sesh, because when I get to laughing, there is no stopping me. I'm a jolly sonofabitch of that tree.

My feelings on reefer are pretty simple. Smoking trees does not cause violence. It is not a gateway drug. It is completely recreational. In fact, I think that everyone should smoke (except for me of course, for the reasons stated above).

In fact, my only real issue with the cheebah is that it makes it ok to be doing nothing. I always used this example when explaining my feelings on this particular subject:

A couple of dudes could be sitting around on the floor indian style staring blankly into space, no t.v., no dialogue, no nothing, and the only justification they would need is "hey, at least were stoned". haha.

So to all my friends out there that partake in the delights of the greenery, get yourself a nice satchel of this:


put that shit in your pipe...


and smoke it...

Jah bless. haaaa.

-Ollie the Kingpin

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