Monday, April 6, 2009

Myspace Of The Day: Jamie O'brien

Cruisin' around on myspace and stumbled onto this chick:


OK, do I have your attention now?

Miss O'brien here is "not a model" she is a "singer". I don't care what she calls herself. She's a slim irish chick (O'brien) and is packin some heat in that backyard.


That's some serious hook and arch game for how slim homegirl is.

I guess it runs in the family:


For someone who isn't a "model" she sure poses alot eh?


Whew. She's doin some work, and thats a work ethic I could get behind.

Meet Jamie O'brien HERE.


4 comments: said...

This one is not a man. Good job!

oliver wrist said...

oh fuck you Brian. haha.

Royal said...

LOL nice one Brian.
Glad I was looking at this post as my professor was walking around the classroom. He totally noticed and fucked up his lecture because of her dumper.

El Capitán said...

@Royal... funny story... My comp prof back at Davenport fired up the projector one class and had firefox open... one of the tabs clearly read "Premium XXX Content" - Dude saw it turned off the projector, and cancelled class early!!! haha