Friday, April 3, 2009

Slackin' Off

Dear BAMA faithful,

It has been one of the longest weeks of my life.

Where do I even begin?

TBC is not happy with me.

I've been working hard at doing nothing, and I am really being a piece of shit.

Sorry for the lack of posts/updates. It's hard out here for a peeimp.

The final four is upon us. My advice has been pretty much worthless since College football ended, but if you want some touts, heres what I got:

Michigan State is currently a 4.5 point dog to UConn. Take the points. I don't have any faith in UConn and Michigan State is on fire.

On the flip side, The way UNC dominated the best player in the country and the rest of that squad known as Oklahoma, it's difficult to tell you to do anything but lay the 7 points and take UNC. I, of course will be on the other side of that because I'm an idiot and a glutton for punishment.

I have absolutely no chance at winning my bracket. Great.

I'm taking the rest of the week(end) off, and coming back harder than ever on Monday.

Some good news though:

Baseball season officially starts Sunday. Let's go CUBBIES!!! Let's win 100 games this year and get swept in the first round of the playoffs for the 3rd FUCKING YEAR IN A ROW!!

Sold my latest painting.

And that's about it for good news.


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