Monday, April 27, 2009

Do The "Mr. Hit Dat Hoe"

Oh boy. This is that joint right now. The song that inspired the dance.

"Mr. Hit That Hoe".

Fuck Jerkin son, do the "Mr. Hit Dat Hoe"...

"SWWWWWWAGGGGGED UP". Man, these cats right here are with that shit.

The "Ricky Bobby"? check.

The "Bobby B"? check.

How hood is this video tho for real? The trucks rollin through. Straight rope tow cable. Then there is the '96 Dodge Ram all chromed out (you thought i missed that) mashin' through.

Hood livin' at it's finest.

What's up with homie in the blue polo joint tho? He can't gig so he just stands in the back mean muggin'? Haaaa.

And your boy with the Cowboys joint... How bout that Kanye West shag cut?

Mr. Hit Dat Hoe. I should have thought of that alias a looooooong time ago.



Jonny D said...

hahaha wow...just wow. How do you find this shit?

Royal said...

nergononsense to the 7th degree.