Monday, March 9, 2009

New BAMA Logos:

Sunday afternoon I went over to the homie Sam's house. Sam will serve you suckers somethin' serious on that illustrator/photoshop tip.

Anyways, I posted that picture of the Obama X Cubs logo a few weeks ago. I had been tryin to get Sam to flip it for me since. We finally linked up and this was the end result. Can't say that it is neccessarily FINAL, but it's a really good start...


So after I left, Sam put together a few more ideas and e-mailed them to me this morning...




So, my question to the valued readers is simple, What do you think? Are these T's that you would wear? Remember, they will be in different colorways, black is just the default color in illustrator...

Hit me with your opinions!!



zbaldwin said...

im all for the cubs bama logo and the very bottom graphic "the bama " 3d is illlllllllll. get this shirts rolling and i'll buy

Kristen said...

I like the bottom 3D one as well. Put that on a girl's t-shirt and I would buy one for sure. The one with the 4 Bamas is pretty sweet too. I bet my man would sport a t-shirt with that logo.