Friday, March 13, 2009

I Just Noticed This:

I know it really isn't a big deal, but did anyone else notice that we had back to back Friday the 13th's?

February 13, 2009:


March 13, 2009:


I hit up yahoo! answers to figure out how often this happens (consecutive months with the 13th falling on a Friday) and here is my favorite answer that some smart ass jerk off responded with:

"who cares....? im sure there's (back to back) wednesday the 21st's at some point too. whats the difference?"

HAHA. Now that's telling 'em.

Personally, I think it's kind of wild, but I'm not a superstitious dude so I'm not buggin' like some of these other folks.

For anyone who cares, this little phenomenon is set to occur again in 2015 (I think). In fact, it will happen EVERY TIME (save for leap years) the 13th of February falls on a Friday. Why? Well, there are 28 days in February (exactly 4 weeks) so every day/date in March will be the same as in February...


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