Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Don't Work Weekends, But This Couldn't Wait:

Caught this shit on this morning...

The skinny jeans revolution is taking over today's urban youth. They have even created a new dance to go along with their awful fashion decisions. This ridiculous cross between the running man, jewish dippin, and an upright version of the worm is pure comedy... Peep the instructional video below...

Now that you've got the basics, watch these kids get wild at the local Burger King on (what I assume is) Fairfax in L.A.




Jonny D said...

This shit is a sign of the apocalypse...

As a future educator of Americas youth I will be sure to give a lesson on the dangers of skinny jeans and stupid ass dances.

Royal said...

This is the type of shit I have to look forward to once I move out to the left coast and start teaching these fools? Hope these cats get a new sense of style because I'm not trying to look at easter pastel colors all damn day while trying to teach these fools bout they guaranteed rights.

Drama said...

too bad you're going to see the entirty of code2 doin it at a mojos near you.... minus the skinny jeans

also tall girl can get it

MackTraXXX said...

HOLLYWOOD lil STYLE 'd out homiez. The same stomping grounds (FAIRFAX high that formed THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) now is habitated by mostly black and mexican students..these boys got HOLLYWOOD style. ANd they got a cuzzin thats in 40ZZ or brother in the Gardenz or the Jungle and more than one one of them will at least pull a knife on ya. (U can't really fit a glock in skinny jeans..hmm maybe a rick Derringer..)

uhh anywayz the skinny jeans debate alwayz cracks me up...Run DMC wore them but they don't now ...well may be DMC but uhh...

"I WEAR MY LEE"Z TIGHT AND TAPER"D AT THE BOTTOM" for all that don't know..



Oliver said...

Now that was a mouthful Mack.

As I told you a while back, my jeans have gotten a little slimmer over the last year. i.e. I went from Levi's 559's to Levi's 501's.

I'm more concerned with the nuthuggin green, red, purple jeans with extra large double wide DC's.

The dance though homie, you just gotta laugh at this mess.

I'm just waitin for the song to come out..

"Can you Jerk wit' that" (no AMG/DJ Quik).


Its all hate, all the time.


Royal said...

Nothin wrong with the 501 and dunk/sb's. I feel you on the slim down tip...big difference between slim fit and skinny jeans.
too much conver bout clothes though,
Royal out.