Monday, March 30, 2009

Painting I Just Finished:


I started this thing like 3 months ago, finally got around to puttin' the finishing touches on it.

Specs: 32"x40" acrylic/opaque/gesso on masonite with 1"x3" frame



Pictures do no justice to the contrast of colors.

For real though, PLEASE tell me your honest opinions. Because personally, I am never satisfied with the stuff I paint, so you all have a chance to give an opinion that I will actually care about.

Let the praise/hate begin.


4 comments: said...

The shit is tight. Kinda makes me wish I was talented. Fuck you very much for that.

Oliver said...

HAHAHA. said...

Seriously though, I like the first one better. said...

The second pic doesn't tell the whole story is what I meant. Not that it's two different paintings. Fuck, I sound retarded. Fuck you again for that.