Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Search Is Over:

For those that still rely on the BAMA for their news intake, you probably haven’t heard about this. A brief recap:

Several Football players, including Marquis Cooper (formerly of the Raiders), Corey Smith (current free agent), and William Bleakley (South Florida standout) were out on a fishing boat off the coast of Florida over the weekend when their boat capsized due to hazardous weather conditions. Another football player, whose name I forgot was found sometime later clinging to the engine bay of the capsized boat. The rest of the bodies have not been found.

Here’s to hoping that football players, Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith, and William Bleakley (all pictured below) have somehow managed to find the fictional island from LOST and are still awaiting the rescue boats.

Unfortunately, the sad truth of the matter is that these 3 fellas have been considered dead and the search for them has officially been called off.
I can’t speak on the loss to professional sports considering I’ve never heard of any of these cats, but on a personal level, condolences to the families of the men lost at sea.




Just to lighten the mood a little, I thought brothas were afraid of the water, and more importantly the ocean?



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