Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Morning: My Life

I don't know if it is possible to be this happy about losing a job, but I am literally cheesin' ear to ear about not having to go to work on Monday. But more importantly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I got alot of paint, and alot of canvas. I got enough "medicine" to get through the next 8 days or so. It's wierd, when I'm doped out of my mind, my creative brain really starts to click.

I got some action this morning...

UConn +4 vs. Pittsburgh. I got UConn and I parlayed it with Miami +9.5 vs. Cleveland.

My gambling/drug consumption/womanizing gets to an all time high when I'm unemployed.

The blog will be poppin a lot harder in the weeks to come.

Just want to address some shit real quick...

My commenters have seized to comment, and I haven't had any feedback in the past 10 posts. Get back on your game people, or I will punish you by not publishing for the next 5 days. Nobody wants that.

I cannot consider myself a man today because I watched the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" first thing this morning. Before checkin sportscenter, before checkin' the morning betting lines, just layed out and watched one of the chickiest chick flicks of all time.

I am so happy to have my laptop back in good working order. I can now post from home.

I got some new irons in the fire. For the time being, they will remain under wraps, but soon enough you will all know about my new money earning schemes.

I hate how companies are jumping on the "green" bandwagon. Just because your new compact car gets 2 more miles per gallon doesn't entitle you to stamp "greenest vehicle on earth" and add 5 grand to the price tag.

There will be a freely downloadable mixtape courtesy of my current favorite rapper Makeshift available (somewhat) exclusively on the BAMA in the weeks to come.

March Madness has set in. I will be covering the entire tournament and giving advice leading up to selection sunday. The NFL may have kicked my ass this year, but I've been cleaning up in college basketball. I fancy myself quite the authority on NCAA basketball.

The "no weekend posts" schtick has officially ended with this post. There will be updates every day as I deem them neccessary.

UCONN is down 10 right now. FUCK. Time to slow this game down and start passing the ball instead of jackin up 3's.



Jonny D said...

Fried Green Tomatoes?? Watched that shit once in 12th grade english class. You know that shit was on Lifetime so I pose a question...what were you doing watching lifetime?

Oliver said...


I watched it on HBO.

Heres the scenario,

Wake up, turn on t.v. Channel is tuned to HBO2. It is 6:50 a.m. and Fried Green Tomatoes has literally just started.

I have this thing with starting movies from the beginning.

For instance, I would choose Fried Green Tomatoes that is starting right now, then say, Shoot 'em Up that started 32 minutes ago. Ya dig?


Oliver said...

In all seriousness though, I watch lifetime every day (when I'm unemployed) because I really like that show "Still Standing". It really appeals to me.

Chubby Irish drunk that loves the cubs with a hot wife way out of his league??

Thats my story, except for the wife bit.

fukfase said...

fuck all the women movie bullshit. i am taking this in a different direction. have you ever actually eatin fried green tomatoes? bomassshit right there. a close 2nd to fried okra.

Kristen said...

I was in Phoenix on business for a week. I apologize for the slacking and intend to get caught up post-haste!