Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Recap: has taken over my life.

As much as I wanted Duke to win, Nova blew em out the building.

My bracket is toast after that ass tapping Memphis took last night at the hands of Missouri.

My drug habit has come to a grinding hault. Fuck this recession. LOL.

I'm hungover.

Makeshift is my favorite rapper.

Your mother thinks I'm handsome, and I don't blame her.

Updates tomorrow.



El Capitán said...

I'm right there with ya:

I don't got a job yet...

Memphis lost...

The ex keeps calling me...

My dog keeps getting loose...

& I have to watch my Niece and Nephews all weekend instead of going out with Naledge and Chaise Marcel tonight!!!


Royal said...

I already know I'm going to do some ignant shit like pick DUKE to win it all again next year only to have em' lose in the 16.

I stay losing.

Oliver said...

At least Villanova just ruined basically every bracket in the world... EXCEPT for mine in the bracket challenge. I got 'em winning the whole thing.