Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twitter Quote Of The Day:

"I hope you tight jean wearin kats try to run some where and catch fire from the friction".

Courtesy of BigVon on Twitter.


Check the homie at Coming Soon.

On another note, I'm watching the PGA tour right now and some idiot in the gala (audience for you non golfing creightons) got his skull tattooed courtesy of a shanked tee shot from Retief Goosen. LOL.

Arnold Palmer's response: "tsst. Oh my goodness gracious".

I am still laughing out loud.

Other people's misfortune = My bread and butter.

OH YEAH can I just send a HUGE shout out to the homie Knowledge from ANATOMY BLOG. Dude is nice with the words and holding the BAMA down realllll firm. Big things to come with the Ollie/Knowledge Collabo.

Watch out.

***Update on dude who got smashed by the golf ball***

Huge fuckin lump on his temple. Retief Goosen shook his hand and walked away. Fuckin' icicle. LOL.

I'd be like "Thanks alot for fuckin up my shot jerk off".


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