Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Few Quick Updates:

Remember back in January I told everyone I would not be apologizing for anything else in 2009?

Well, that was only like 90% true.

Here's the scoop:

Yesterday I lost my job, and since I have limited publishing ability outside of my office, the updates are going to be taking place later in the day.

The good news is, this is only going to be an issue for about a week or so. I got the laptop being worked on as we speak and should have it back at fighting weight by the first of next week.

So, I am going to take the leap to try and monetize the site to see if I can't make some money from this stupid blogger gig.

I feel like I get enough people telling me how funny my shit is, but ultimately, this blog remains pretty local.

So what I am asking the readers of the site to do is simple. TELL SOME MOTHERFUCKERS TO CHECK THIS SHIT OUT 10 TIMES A DAY EVERYDAY.

If I can somehow parlay my smooth tongue into reasonable income I won't be seeking employment.

If I can't draw a check from this blog, then I will probably just have to axe the idea of daily updates and go the route of so many other blogs out there and just fade away.

That would be a shame considering the amount of work and time I've put in to this thing. The money I've invested in stickers, and logo designs that will ultimately turn into t-shirts.

The plan of attack for the next 6 weeks:

-Paint, ALOT. Then sale said paintings. Got some pretty hard shit I've been working on and will post some photos and prices soon.

-Monetize the site. As much as I would like to keep the blog ad free, it's just not an option. The kid's gotta eat.

-Print the NickelPlatedBama t-shirts. Going to do a limited run, and depending on the cost to produce, they should resell for no more than 18 bones. Prolly more like 15 though. If you definitely want a shirt, shoot a comment or an e-mail and let me know.

-Do alot of drugs/drink in excess.

-Take a lot of photos.

-Get started on the mixtape series I've been promising since day one.

It's a good thing TBC loves me and has a good job, otherwise I don't know how I would support all of my horrible habits.

Still have videos/photos from the Draft Klick show. I'll do my best to have some new posts up this afternoon.

Check back, all day, every day. Tell 2 friends to tell 2 friends to tell 2 friends.

The BAMA needs your help.

P.S. To everyone who is friends with Ollie or NPB on myspace that didn't repost the bulletin I asked you to repost. Go Fuck Yourself.

Big shout out to the young homie Noah for being official. The kid's got a firm grasp on the world at age 18. I wish I had my head on my shoulders the way he does at 18.

Back later (if i can find a computer).


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