Sunday, March 8, 2009

To The Anonymous Commenter:

Dear BAMA nation,

I officially have my first "hater".

So let me address this situation, to the anonymous commenter on the "workings of the female mind" post:

It is written very plainly on the right hand side of the blog, but I will spell it out for you once again:

"If this is your first time stopping by NickelPlatedBama, I would suggest getting a feel for the blog by going through the archives. There have been too many classic posts to count. If you disagree with an opinion here on the site, make it public. The writer of this blog suffers from a rare condition that allows him to feel absolutely zero remorse when attacking a person's character, or, lack there of. Please feel free to enjoy, hate, participate, tell a friend, but always, always stop back by tomorrow."

What I failed to mention is that if you do choose to "hate", at least have the balls to do so openly so that I may address you personally.

But since you wish to remain anonymous, I'm quite sorry you find the blog boring. Fortunately for me, there are about 100 daily readers who feel the complete opposite.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to tell me how boring my blog is though. Now I have inspiration to step my game up. I've been slackin a little lately anyways.

To the rest of you people who read this blog everyday and don't like it, well, all I can say is; thanks for adding to my hit count.



1 comment:

fukfase said...

i like reading this shit. if you dont?, go eat a bag o dicks.