Monday, December 1, 2008

I really didnt miss shit

I took the entire 4 day weekend and never touched a computer. When i came into the office to get back to work this morning i realized that i honestly didnt miss a single thing of importance in the world of celebrity gossip, gangster shit, and alladat. So, to the loyal fans (all 8 of you) I'm sorry if i let you down in my never ending quest to bring you the best/worst the internet has to offer. Instead of fighting the inevitable slowness of a monday morning whilst sick (i got another fuckin cold, thats 2 in the last month) im just gonna give you a rundown of some of my favorite joints from the early 2000's in honor of Throwback Thursday...

Defari a.k.a. Billy The Kidd - Say It Twice

Contrary to popular belief, this song WAS NOT on the focused daily album. It was released on a lesser known album called "L.A.'s own Billy The Kidd - The Saloon Music L.P. featuring Defari."

Anyways, that opening line, "City Slicker, whats the definition" takes me back to 2000 when he showed up to a Dilated Peoples show in L.A. and performed this underground classic.

Some other shit i was bumpin in the early 2000's (and still am for that matter cause current hip hop basically sucks)

Non Phixion - Black Helicopters

"Had the time of his life, a capitalist with a communist wife..." What a potent first line. It's like reading a nickelplatedbama post, where once you read the title you just keep going until youve read every post on the site. LOL

These guys released one of my all time favorite albums in 2004 "The Future is Now" and though it sold pretty solid in the underground circles it never got the mainstream accolades it deserved. This album featured production from, Large Pro, Primo, Beatnuts, Necro, and a whole slew of other "whos who" producers from the early 00's.

And I would never, for no amount of money, ever, forget about my man J-Zone.

Thats the intro on the album!!! THE INTRO!!! with bangers like that Zone trademarked that quirky sound with heavy bass kicks and obscure samples from children's records or some shit. Furthermore, there is not an emcee alive today who could do what the Zone does. He makes stellar beats, and creates a topic for every single song and sticks to the topic from start to finish. Zone is a genius in music, too bad he quit rappin to produce exclusively... Rumor has it he is now doing porno soundtracks. Zone for President!

-Reminiscent Ass Ollie

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