Friday, December 12, 2008

Dont call it a comeback

You're favorite blogger is hittin the road to endulge in all things sinful. I'm goin to Reno with the ball and chain for her Grandmother's 90th Birthday. Back on Monday with a recap of the hookers, the bad wagers, the craps games, the boos, and of course the tomfoolery and hi-jinx that youre boy Ollie has been known to get into/create. Until then, here's some NFL picks for ya (if you have any faith left in the KING)...

Green Bay is a 2 point favorite over Jacksonville. I say take Green Bay, lay the 2 points, and be happy with the extra scratch.

I still have faith in Jeff Garcia, so for that reason alone I like Tampa Bay +3 against Atlanta. Both teams coming off losses, both tryin to lock up a playoff spot, should be a great game.

The Jets are a 7.5 point favorite over the struggling Bills. Do not dismiss this as a tough conference game. Buffalo has lost 5 of the last 6 and Favre is coming off an embarassing lost last week. Take the Jets and lay the points.

The mighty Titans are a 3 point favorite over a mediocre Houston team. The Titans have locked up there division and are prolly gonna be resting some folks. That honestly doesnt mean shit. Take the Titans, lay the 3, collect your money.

San Diego is a 5.5 point favorite over the run-down Chiefs. The Chiefs have nothing to play for, count them out. Take the Chargers, lay the points, and be happy.

Have a good weekend, be back Monday with my tales from the road (If i dont get snowed in).

-Ollie's out.


Kristen said...

Sounds like Grandma really knows how to throw a 90th birthday party!

oliver wrist said...

welcome back Kristen, we sure have missed you over here. The part i left out, and im not bullshittin, Grandma drinks Budweiser exclusively. Dont believe me? Ill be back with evidence. 'Til then, peace and chicken grease knuckleheads.

Royal said...

I totally sympathize.
Last family get together, I found out that mom dukes sips Heineken exclusively.
Women loves they selective brews.

Jonny D said...

You need to just throw all your cash on's gotta hit.

oliver wrist said...

The full update of the Reno trip is coming up in the next couple of days (dont have the USB cord for the camera, cant load photos) but for now let me just tell you, I GOT CREAMED. Every bet made ended up losing. More on that later.