Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tony Danza is a bad ass

So I was listening to the Adam Corrola show the other day and they were doing an interview with Tony Danza... You know, Whos the Boss?


Remember that little creep Jonathon that turned out to be gay years after the show ended? I mean seriously, who didnt see that coming? Tony, was there ever a doubt in your mind that this kid was playin for the pink team?



Anyways, on the Adam Corolla show they were talkin about Tony Danza being the producer of that show "The Contender" where boxers test their metal against one another to determine who deserves a title shot, and that led to him giving a brief rundown of how and why he is involved. As it turns out, ol Tony Danza was quite the beast on the boxing tip back in the '70's. I found this clip on youtube of him puttin the fists to some goon and knockin his ass flat out the ring in under a minute...

LOL at the ringside commentator "Evidently Tough Tony Danza doesnt feel like feeling anybody out"...

Respek due and payable to Tony Danza for being a certified bad ass his whole life and leading Americans to believe he was softer than Dirk Nowitzki's fade aways.

-Oliver Wrister

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