Monday, December 15, 2008

The biggest little city in the world

Lots of stories, waiting for photos to be uploaded (cant find my usb cord), will definitely have a full recap of the Reno adventure as soon as the photos are ready.

Some quick highlights:

Ollie throws 38 cents at punk ass go-go dancer.

Ollie runs $40 bones up to $350 in a matter of minutes in a craps game only to lose it all back in record time.

Ollie convinces security guard that he's famous and gets photo op.

Ollie goes 0 for 5 on NFL picks with one push.

Santa Clause(s) run wild in Reno, I dont have my camera and miss what was probably one of the best photo opportunities of all time.

10 hour drive home through snow, ice, sleet, rain, hail, and even a little bit of fog. Seriously, I cant script this shit.

On a different note, my chick is flyer than your chick.

-Ollie the world renowned traveler

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