Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Wish List 2008

I dont want much folks. Here are a few items i would like for Christmas, in no particular order of importance.



Vintage Starter Cubs satin jacket. That joint is too fresh.



Nikon D90. Basically the hardest camera out right now. I have no experience with a camera of this nature but i want it none the less.



Jessica Biel's ass is straight fire. Nuff said.

#4 This isnt so much something i want as it is something i want to see end. I never want to look at this...


...again. Please end the tight sagging before it becomes this:


Incidentally the skinny cat from "The Cool Kids"...


Has a striking resemblance to another fashionably challenged Rapper, you may know him as Fabolous:


Do you see it??



Chargers win the AFC West with a record of 8-8 and go on to win the super bowl, how fucking gangster would that be??

#6 Death to the VOCODER!!!

#7 Death to Joe Rogan!

Finally, and prolly most important, i want this blog to start generating some of this:


Cause Im lazy and I dont want to work anymore.

To make a contribution to the Oliver Wrist Christmas Wish List Fund, please feel free to contact me:


On a different note, went out and partied pretty fierce on Friday. Got some good pics, i'll post the story after I upload the photos.

-Have an Ollie Jollie Christmas


Jason said...

re: #4 Im glad to see someone else can't stand that bullshit. GG

Kristen said...

Jason, you are not the only one. I have also expressed my extreme hatred for guys in girl pants (a.k.a. the skinny jeans). Why on earth would anyone think that was a good look?