Wednesday, December 3, 2008

random huge guy photo of the day


Damn homie, that muhfucka looks like he is literally 7 feet tall. He is dwarfin' Tina Turner's old ass (homegirl is pushin 70 by now) and she isnt known to be a short lady. His facial expression says it all though:

"I told em i didnt mind costumes cause i wanted the part in 300, but this, well this is just degrading."

Sorry bout your luck homie, but if things keep poppin off over here at the bama and Kanye or Rogan's people decide to come after me, imma set you up in a security job. Keep it funky pimpin.

-Ollie back to tomorrow

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy?

He has a striking resemblance to Ving Rhames but is sporting a Conan the Barbarian outfit! Get down homie, I'm sure Tina will let you smack her around. That's her ish right there, just ask Ike...

Fuzzy-one half (the better half) of the FingerSmiths