Thursday, December 11, 2008

Throwback Thursday: Broken Language

When i do the Throwback Thursday posts, i tend to be a bit more abrasive with my musical tastes. I miss mid 90's hip hop. I miss the days when cats were ign'ant for the sake of the music, as compared to modern era rappers who are just ignorant. Let me clarify that... In the mid 90's, it wasn't fashionable to be dumb, in fact it was somewhat frowned upon. Think about it, 1993-1996 marked the releases of some of hip hop's most coveted and classic albums of all time. Illmatic? check. Reasonable Doubt? check. Ready to die? check. Dah Shinin'? check. 36 Chambers (literally my 2nd favorite album of all time)? Check. The list goes on and on. So, when a cat got on the mic and started spittin verses that displayed shear goonery over simple bass knocks and ridiculously gritty snares it was a rare, albeit extremely well recieved and welcomed stray from the norm.

Lets compare what i just said, to today's current trends in hip hop. You either have:

A) 4 bar verses with 16 bar hooks teachin cats how to do the next big dance (I cant even front, im gonna learn to surf this weekend LOL)

B) Stripped down beats that become nothing more than an off-the-wall sample with a high hat accompanied by A.P. (advanced placement) english, Kurt Vonnegut references that 90% of your target audience doesnt even grasp (Yeah I'm talkin to you Aesop Rock) yet continues to nod their head in hopes of being accepted by the backpackin' underground. Or, to put it a more simple way, White Kid Rap.

Or finally you get C) overly produced, auto-tuned, broken heart faggotry from the likes of Kanye West, who, up until about 8 months ago, was slated as the greatest rapper in the game, at least in my opinion, which we all know is bulletproof.

Youre now prolly askin' yourselves where im going with this rant, and thats good, at least i got you thinkin for a change. Today I am bringin some serious heat from 1996. This joint was prolly my man Smoothe Da' Hustler's biggest hit, but it was still CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY slept on.

Enough with the lecture Professor Wrist, give us the music!!!!!

With pleasure, I now proudly introduce you to Smoothe Da Hustler ft. Trigger Da Gambler - Broken Language.

(Pause for reaction) Please hold your applause. But Ollie, this song is so DOPE. I know, believe me, I know. I dont even have to tell you whats so good about it. Pull your razor blades out yer mouths, throw on your Polo rugby's and Timberlands and feel the grime invade your soul.

Dear hip hop, Please come back to us.

P.S. you know you dont have to ask, but the answer is Yes, I do own this on vinyl and will be blessing you all with the Throwback Thursday mixtape, due out sometime in Spring 2009. Reserve your advance copy now in the comment section.

-Ollie the Scholar takin you new jacks back to basics

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kevin197 said...

Mu'fuckin OLLIE! Nail on the head with this one. You DO love hip hop (not that I'm the captain of legitimacy ova here... but whutevaman). Good look on the throwback.